Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2008 Argentina and New Zealand

2008 November - Melbourne Austarlia and New Zealand, a five week trip. The first 4 days in Melbourne then over to Aukland, New Zealand, where we rented a car and traveled the North and South Islands ending up in Christchurch to fly back to Auckland and then Chicago.

2008 January / February - Buenos Aires Argentina. We rented an apartment in the center of Buenos Aires (Las Canitas) where we stayed for 4 weeks. Ari visited for two weeks, he was traveling in South America and friends from the Chicago area stayed with us for two weeks.

2007 Mexico, China, Russia and Finland

2007 August - Finland on our own, we visited Seija's family and friends in the Lauma / Punkalaidun area and spent time in Helsinki.

2007 July - Russia River Cruise, after arriving in Helsinki from Chicago we spent a few days in the city and then toke a plane from Helsinki to Moskow where we joined a River Cruise to St. Petersburg and then flew back to Helsinki.
Pictures from this trip,   Moscow,   River Cruise,   St Petersburg.

2007 March - China, Hong Kong and Japan, we toke a Grand Circle tour of China which included a River Cruise and a pre trip to Japan. The tour ended in Hong Kong where we stayed on our own a few additional days.

2007 January - Cancun, three weeks in two different resort in Cancun and nearby area. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2006 Mexico, Combodia, Thailand and East Coast USA

2006 July East Coast - Car trip to visit friends on the East Coast. Ontario Canada, Vermont, Montreal Canada, Connecticut and Lake PLacid New York. 
Pictures from our East Coast Trip.

2006 May Thailand - a trip with Grand Circle and on our own a week on Ko PiPi Island.
Pictures from the GCT Thailand GCT tour,  Pictures from Kho Phi Phi Island.

2006 May Combodia - a tour with Grand Circle, this was a Thailand pre-tour option.
Pictures from Combodia.

2006 January Mexico - living a month in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Some Pictures from Puerto Vallarta.
Puerto Vallarta Mexico

2005 Retirement Year - West Coast Car Trip, Southern Germany and Caribbean Cruise.

2005 August - Four week trip by car to the West Coast. We helped move Erik from the Chicago area to Seattle where he started his first job. We drove with a few stops to Seattle but spent time in Seattle and visited relatives in the Portland OR area then down the coastline of Oregon and back up towards Vancouver Island BC where we also visited a relative. On the way back we made stops and stayed in Yellowstone, Bad Lands and Mount Rushmore.Link to some pictures from the West Coast Trip.

Yellowstone Park USA

2005 May - Southern Germany. Meinhard retired in April. We flew to Munich and then traveled for 4 week with a rental car around the Southern part of Germany - Stuttgart, Black Forest, Freiburg, Bodensee, Salzburg and back to Munich. This was our first long trip after retiring.
2005 January - A Caribbean Cruise with Finnish Friends.