Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2007 Mexico, China, Russia and Finland

2007 August - Finland on our own, we visited Seija's family and friends in the Lauma / Punkalaidun area and spent time in Helsinki.

2007 July - Russia River Cruise, after arriving in Helsinki from Chicago we spent a few days in the city and then toke a plane from Helsinki to Moskow where we joined a River Cruise to St. Petersburg and then flew back to Helsinki.
Pictures from this trip,   Moscow,   River Cruise,   St Petersburg.

2007 March - China, Hong Kong and Japan, we toke a Grand Circle tour of China which included a River Cruise and a pre trip to Japan. The tour ended in Hong Kong where we stayed on our own a few additional days.

2007 January - Cancun, three weeks in two different resort in Cancun and nearby area.