Monday, July 20, 2015

2015 Copenhagen, Denmark - Finland - Tallin, Estonia

Family re-union
This was a trip to visit Finland with the children, to let them one more time see their mothers country. Seija and I traveled first to Copenhagen for 4 days then to Helsinki where we all met up. After 4 days in Helsinki we traveled, by car, to Punkalaidun. Seija stayed there while Erik, Ari and I went on a tour biking the Finnish Archipelago.After returning to Punkalaidun we drove up to the Lakelands (Punkaharju) where we rented a cabin for a week. At the end we returned to Punkalaidun and attended the Pentinmaki Family reunion (over 100 attended). We went back to Helsinki where everybody went their own way, Ari - Iceland, Erik and Sarah - Helsinki,  Seija and I Estonia.   PICTURES

Finland - the family

Tallin - Estonia